Paleo Travel Guide for Cold Meals From Grocery Stores

It can pose a challenge to follow the paleo diet while travelling. Here is how to do it if you have access to a decent grocery store and are not able to cook.

The paleo diet calls for balanced meals of much saturated fat, some protein, some carbs, vegetables, and fruits. Any grains and most processed food is prohibited. Depending on how strict you are, beans, soy, corn, and dairy are also off limits.

It is probably not possible to stay with fully organic food and perfectly nutritious meals while traveling abroad or outside your home town.

I chose the products such that they should be available in any decent grocery store, no matter where in the world you are.

That said, here is the easiest way to get your meal if you have access to a grocery store and are not able to cook:

Vegetables and Fruits

The vegetables and fruits are easy to deal with. Simply buy them in the grocery store and eat them raw. And salad is usually also eaten raw.


The protein is also not too difficult. The meat section contains many products to eat cold without any cooking. If you eat dairy, then cheese can also be eaten. Non-paleo alternatives for vegans are canned beans and cold soy or tofu products.


The most available fat that you will find in any grocery store is butter. Butter can easily be added to cold meat. If cheese is eaten, then it is a good choice, because it contains much fat and protein. And if desired butter can be added to cheese and it tastes great. You probably do not want to eat pure fat, but rather add it to some other food. Eating pure fat has not worked for me as described here. Another possibility is an avocado (high in monounsaturated fat and low in polyunsaturated). Some stores also have pure coconut or pure animal fats. Most vegetables oils are not suited, because they are highly (poly-)unsaturated.


Carbohydrates are easy to get if you eat sugar. If you want to eat carbs in the form of starches like rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and cassava it turns out to be challenging. All require cooking. And any grains are anyway off limit.

Pure starch powder made from potatoes is sold for baking. It needs to be dissolved in cold water before eating.

Some grocery stores might have cooked rice.

Potato chips are made from potatoes but, unfortunately, they are often made with highly unsaturated vegetables oils (sunflower etc) that are not healthy.

If you are willing to eat sugar, then honey is a choice. It tastes great with cheese, by the way.

In some countries the stores are closed on Sundays or holidays. If you have a fridge in your hotel room or wherever, then you can store your food there. Most of the foods above should also stay eatable for a while at room temperature, as long as it is not tropical climate without any air conditioning.

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