Staying Paleo With Hotel Breakfast

A healthy paleo diet and traveling can be a challenge. Here is how to make the best out of hotel breakfast.

The paleo diet calls for fat as the main energy source. It has to be mainly saturated or monounsaturated fat.

In addition for a balanced meal, also some carbohydrates and some proteins should be eaten. And for the micro minerals and nutrients, some vegetables and fruits should also be added.

Most objects offered at hotel break cannot be considered healthy food: grains, bakery, sausages, etc. So, what can be eaten?


Sometimes eggs are offered. They are a good source of proteins.

If there are no eggs, then a good alternative is cheese. Cheese is often available. Cheese is not strictly paleo, but does not contain unhealthy ingredients unless it is a processed cheese or the particular cheese contains lactose and you are very sensitive to it. Depending on in which part of the world the hotel is, unprocessed cheesed might be available.

Fish is sometimes also available and is usually not treated with chemicals and contains biologically very highly valuable proteins.

Sausages and dry meat provide proteins and fat and are also often seen at hotel breakfasts, but they contain chemicals that do not belong in a healthy diet, but it it’s your choice.


Very often there is pure butter offered. This is a very good source of saturated fat. Take as much as you need of it and add it in little chunks to very bite of egg, cheese, fish, or meat you eat. It is better not to eat butter pure, as it may upset your stomach.

An very good alternative is an avocado, but it almost never available.

Most Cheese also contains a lot of fat.


Carbohydrates are best eaten in the form of starch, as they release slower into the blood stream than sugar. The best choices would be rice, potato, cassava, and similar. But that is almost never available at hotel breakfasts.

Instead, we have to do with sugars. Honey or sugar is often offered and can be added to the butter and egg or cheese.

Combining it

The combination of egg, butter, and honey tastes quite good.

To make it taste even better, sometimes there is vinegar available that improves the taste.

Micro Nutrients

For the micro nutrients and minerals, there are often fruits and other plants offered. The best is a combination of non-sugary vegetables (to limit the fructose intake) such as salads, cucumber or similar, and a bit of sugary fruits.

What to Drink

Drinking soft drinks almost never helps to nourish the human body in a healthy way. They contain chemicals and insane amounts of sugars. In addition, the sugars are very often in the form of fructose, which is also true for fruit juices. And we usually already have enough of carbohydrates, including fructose, from our food. Eating fruits that contain fructose is healthier than drinking fruit juices and hence we should allocate our small budget of fructose-intake to eating fruits rather thank drinking them. What is left to drink is this: water and maybe tea.

What Not to Eat

Just stay away from any bread and other grain based objects – that's not food and not a thing a human is supposed to put in his mouth – has your mum not told you that when you were little?

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