Why Do You Want to Work in Asset Management?

Why do you want to work in asset management? Here are some possible answers to this job interview question. Choose what fits you best.

Depending on what role the job interview is for, the answer will be different. A buy side equity analyst position with the career goal of portfolio manager is something else than a relationship or sales manager. Also, an investment management company focused on private clients is something else than an asset management company focused on institutional clients.

If you are interviewing for an asset management position, there is a good chance that one or more of your interviewers had been involved in investment banking or other more sell side activities in his past or holds his colleagues there in high esteem. Therefore, it is advisable not to say negative points about these other activities when highlighting the positive points of an asset management job. The answers below will be fine.

Here are the answers:

  • Because in asset management people can make and implement decisions by themselves. Investment banking and other advisory businesses are about advising clients and the client makes the decisions. In asset management the clients also make decisions, e.g. how the portfolio should be structured, but they are not involved in the more detailed decisions of which investment actually makes it into the portfolio.
  • Because people in asset management can be made responsible for the investment performance, which is a responsibility. I enjoy having responsibility, especially when I can influence the result.
  • Because when the investment performance is good, I will know specifically what I personally contributed to it with my investment decisions or proposals.
  • Because people in asset management have a good variety in their daily work. They get to meet different people from different companies they may invest in.
  • Because in asset management it is important to stay up to date with a variety of current and global events. Many developments in areas related to the investments can have a significant influence on the investments. I enjoy reading these news and reports.
  • Because the relationship with clients, especially private clients, last for long time. I enjoy interacting with these clients on a regular and recurring basis.

Here is a link to good article on exactly that question: Why Do You Want to Work in Asset Management?.

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