Why Do You Want to Work in Asset Management?

If interviewing for a job position in asset management, this question might be asked.

The answer obviously depends on what specific role you are applying for. A portfolio management position is something else than a private banking relationship manager or institutional sales.

Here are possible answers to the question: Why do you wanna work in asset management?

  • Because I like to make investment decisions and then see, how they work out.
  • Because I can be made responsible for my investment decisions which also means I get the reward if it works out.
  • Because I can make more decisions by myself compared to investment banking, where one mainly advises the client. In asset management the client decides overall allocation parameters, but the portfolio manager has a large influence on the individual investments that finally make it into the portfolio.
  • Because I like to interact with the clients.
  • Because I like to build and maintain long lasting relationships with private clients.
  • Because relationships and contracts with clients are more long term compared to investment banking. This means that I have to spend less time acquiring clients in comparison and can spent more time on activities that produce value for the clients.
  • Because global and national affairs have an influence on the investment decisions and I like to follow news and stay up to date.
  • Because I find it exciting to interact with the management of current or prospective investments.

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