How to Poop Outdoors Without Paper, Leaves, or Rocks

The cleanest method to poop outdoors and it does not require any toilet paper, rocks, or leaves. Using water from a cup is very clean, even with soft feces or diarrhea.

When travelling outdoors for an extended amount of time it becomes at some point impossible to carry all the needed toilet paper with you. Or maybe you are just looking for a challenge.

The usually propagated solution is to use rocks and leaves. Both have to be found first when it is time for business. Rocks cannot be carried along due to their weight. And leaves might be poisonous. And neither of them might be around when needed. And it is also not as clean as toilet paper or the process described below.

The solution is quite simple: using water from a cup to clean the butt.

In India people have been using squat toilets and cups with water for a long time. It is a very clean method. It is even cleaner than using Western-style toilet paper. There are movies on Youtube explaining it.

The only downside is the difficulty of using it, if you are not accustomed to using squat toilets but have used Western-style toilets all your life. But it is possible to practice at home.

The Gear
A simple regular sized cup and a bottle of water is needed. The water usage varies depending on skill level and how clean the business was. The water used could range from 5 to 25 oz (2 - 7 dl).

The Process
Take a squat position above the hole you dug. Once you are finished, then comes the cleaning. Fill the cup about half with water. Still in the squat position with one hand pour a little water down your ass gap. Try for the water to rinse down to your ass hole. Use your other hand to help get the water to your ass hole and mix the water with any feaces that might be around. Once the water reaches any feces, the poop quickly dissolve in the water and is washed away. You can check afterwards with a sheet of toilet paper, there will be no stain of poop left where there was water. It is a very clean method.

A few tips:
  • Use right hand for the water cup and clean your ass with the left hand, if you are right-handed. That way the hand you use for eating will stay clean. Arab cultures also consider the left hand as the dirty hand.
  • If you lean a bit forward, then your ass hole will be more to the back and the water will reach it more easily.

And do not forget to clean your hands afterwards.

Practicing at Home
The method uses the squatting position. That is difficult for people who are accustomed to Western-style toilets and might have lost much of the physical flexibility they had as a child. Fortunately, it is possible to practice at home. Climbing onto a western style toilet with the feet placed on the sides of the toilet (where one usually sits) permits taking a squatting position. And then everything can be practiced inluding the usage of the water cup. A few words of caution are in place here:

  • It is very demanding to keep in balance while sitting in the squat position not speaking of practicing with the cup. You can easily slip. This is dangerous.
  • Always remove the toilet seat and place your feet directly on the toilet, so you have a firm stand.
  • There must always be ample of fixed pipes or other installations around the toilet, where you can grab a hold and stabilize yourself if you sense you are about to lose balance.

The Location Preparation
Your location for business should not be near a water source, because it could contaminate the water (at least 150 feet away). You should dig a hole. And when your finished cover the whole, so animals will not dig it up. The hole should be at least 4-6 inches deep, but not too deep because shit rots better if it is not buried too deep. But always dig deeper and wider than you think you need, so you do not get into troubles when your business turns out to be unexpectedly larger. At the end, if you place a stick straight into the ground or place a cross on the ground, other travelers will be warned that they should not also dig at the exact same spot when it is their turn.

The Water
the water should be clean and not contaminated. If you would be willing to bath and swim in your water source, then it should probably be fine. Else you might cook the water first or use any measure that is available to make water safe to drink.

It is a tricky way to clean due to the usage of the squatting position. It requires flexibility and strength in the legs and feet and a good balance. If want to keep your pants and shirts on during the process, it becomes even more demanding to keep in balance and not fall. It is not something one can do without practice. Fortunately, it can be practiced at home. If mastered, it is probably the cleanest method. And it does not use anything other than water, which is beneficial if it is a long journey outdoors where packing space and resupply possibilities are limited.

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