Finding a Man to Start a Family if You Are Over 30

While it may have been easy for you to find a boyfriend when younger, finding a man to start a family with can be more difficult.

You probably have higher standards for him, as you should, and if you find one, he also has to be willing to commit. And there is the annoying thing with the biological clock that limits the time you have.

Here are a few remarks to help you:

Make a list of how you want your partner to be. Then go through the list and mark the deal breakers. Then go through it again and ask yourself which of the deal breaks really are deal breakers and get it down to a maximum of 3.

You will probably be able to date men that are much more attractive than you will be able to have a committed relationship with. Men who have very good skills with women, they have options. He could simply choose someone else once he is ready. Also, the sexually most attractive and assertive men are not necessarily the best choice to have children with. I am not suggesting you deny yourself what you want, but trying to find a man, that measures up to or surpasses the best experiences you ever had in every way – might not happen. But what you can look for is a man, that you are very happy to have found him and that you are very happy to have a wonderful relationship with.

Try to get a second impression of a man you meet. First impressions can tell you a lot – but don’t reject every man who does not impress you at first. Creating instant attraction in a woman is indeed an attractive skill for a man to have. But for having a long-term relationship that lasts, other qualities are more important. Also think about the following: if the man was willing to marry and have kids and also were able to approach women successfully, he would not be single.

Take care of your physical beauty. It really has an effect on males, although not all of them admit it. It can be done with or without make-up.

Be pleasant to be around. Think about the following: would you want to be with someone who is not pleasant to be around? Probably not, and guess what, he neither. Don’t act, but be yourself. If that is not good enough, then change yourself. Use Google to find tips and try them out. Be careful not to be manipulative. Do not try to get something out of your interaction with other people, but really try to improve their experience with you for their sake. If you truly approach it that way, then there is no moral problem with it.

Go out and socialize. If you stay at home there is simply zero possibility of anything happening unless you get lucky with the mailman who also happens to be single.

Be attractive to your prospective husband. There is more to it than sexual attraction. I hope you know how to do that. Else you have something to google for.

I hope some of my thoughts were helpful to you.

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