Barefoot Sandals Blister Prevention

How to prevent blisters when walking large distances (trekking or hiking) in barefoot sandals.

If the weather permits, I do my trekking in barefoot sandals for enjoyment.

Since I am only an occasional trekker, my feet are not accustomed to such long walks and I easily get blisters.

Blisters develop through sideways forces on your skin. They tear layers on your skin apart. And then fluid fills in.

Short-term: how to prevent blisters immediately

  • Wearing 2 pairs of socks. This is a real biggie and works wonders for me. 2 pairs work much better than just 1 pair of socks in catching and diverting these sideway forces. The second pair more than doubles the blister free distance for me.
  • Socks also prevent blisters from forming on the rope of the sandals.
  • Keeping the feet dry as the skin is less robust when wet. Maybe take additional socks with you for changing after a rain or similar.
  • When walking downward, pay attention to minimize sideway forces on your foot.

The 2-sock trick also works with normal (trekking) shoes.


  • Training the feet such that the skin patches adjust to longer usage periods
  • I recently bought barefoot shoes that look like normal shoes. This way I can train my feet on the barefoot walking style during my normal daily activities.

That is already it.

Hope you will enjoy your walking.

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